Don Rodrigo Hotel

We transformed this 2* hotel into the only 3* hotel in the city of Palencia.

  • Client Particular
  • Rooms 27
  • Date 2021
  • Location Palencia
  • Service Contract
  • Category 3*

02about the project

Interior design, equipment and engineering

Don Rodrigo was a 2-star hotel with 24 rooms in a very good location in the city of Palencia, but it had become obsolete. The client wanted to upgrade the hotel, update its facilities by transforming the image of the hotel and modify the cafeteria so that it would become an attraction for the inhabitants of the city.

We got down to work and added 3 rooms on the first floor, giving the hotel a total of 27 completely refurbished rooms, with a more modern style and conveying a sense of warmth. In the common areas we continued with the same line of design combining the color of the textiles with wood and metallic elements, we wanted the spaces to dialogue with each other and have a point of freshness by adding vegetation to the environment.

One of the great challenges was to make the cafeteria become one of the strong points of the hotel, making it an attraction not only for guests but also for the inhabitants of the city to have access to it. We designed the space keeping the combination of metals, wood, textiles and vegetation, all around a bar decorated with white tiles that becomes one of the main points of the space.


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