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A future rogue paradise in a luxury hotel located between three continents

  • Client Discovery Portugal
  • Rooms 110
  • Date 2022
  • Location Azores
  • Typology Vacational
  • Categoría 4*

02about the project

We carried out the refurbishment project of a hotel in the Azores Islands, designing the interior design project and taking care of the FF&E.

We transform the needs and dreams of our client to make them come true. We listen to the ideas of Discovery Portugal to translate them into a sustainable hotel product, bringing all the passion in the design of the different spaces and creating a “luxury” design combined with a “rogue” style.

We conducted a study of the layouts to improve the operation of the design, combined with the interior design project. We incorporated the island to the different spaces taking advantage of the combination of materials such as concrete, wood and plants, we seek to generate feelings of warmth and closeness within the “luxury” style. To achieve this fresh and fun effect we added plexiglass as a material that connects the different areas thanks to the pastel tones and the different plays of light and transparencies that it generates.

We designed a mural for the pool floor combining abstract shapes inspired by the vegetation of the area and using pastel tones to generate a large Instagrammable environment. We also adapted technology to nature by taking advantage of the versatility of LED lights combined with plexiglass and vegetation, giving the environment a “casual” and fun touch combined with a modern and luxurious style.

For the rooms we looked for a simple design of stone elements that combined with wood and textiles generate a space of exclusive comfort for guests. We combine different colors through textiles to enhance the brightness of the space and create a warmer and more pleasant environment in which to relax and enjoy. One of the details of the rooms focuses on the interior vegetation, thus providing small points of freshness, disconnection and freedom. We seek to generate an environment of privacy that is modern and with a rogue touch, a small paradise of luxury located in the city.


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